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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Three Little Words

I hope you will join me on my quest in 2015 to draw deeper from the well.  Terry Ferguson's book Three Little Words recently came to my attention.  I feel it's a good way to get us started on our journey. . . .

In the introduction to his book Terry writes that he saw an old rock-and-roll star being interviewed on TV.  He was asked what advice he had for his son.  The fellow answered, "Put God first, do your best, and just be yourself."  Terry was struck by the simplicity of his answer and realized he wanted to put God's truth into simple terms for his daughter.  To make them more than just platitudes he found three scriptures to support the truths he'd listed.  The result was this book.  And now I'm going to share my own response to Terry's list. . . . 

The Plan:  The three little words are the title for each post.  I will include the scripture references with links to the scripture.  Then I will add my response. 

This will not only be a journey in God's word for me, but also in seeing His created world with new eyes.  I've challenged myself to use my camera's eye to capture the essence of the message.  I may use photos I've taken in the past, or go out in search of a new image to capture.  My inspiration may be one word I've gleaned from the scriptures for that day that resonates with me or the message in the three simple words themselves.  Hopefully, as the year progresses so will my creativity.  This is another of my goals, for I believe God's creativity is part of who we are (having been made in His image), and anything we can do to help release it has to be good not only for ourselves but for the world.

I hope you will come along with me as we learn all that God has to show us along the way.  You can sign-up to receive these posts in an e-mail using the feature in the sidebar.

This will be our "theme song" for our journey. . . .


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Take Joy!