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Friday, July 14, 2017

Face to Face

"The LORD would speak to Moses face to face, as one speaks to a friend." -Exodus 33:11

I started blogging (or journaling on-line as I prefer to call it) in 2011.  Eventually I found myself making friends with people from around the world.  In 2014 I realized having on-line friends, as nice as it was, was not the same as having face-to-face friends.  So I volunteered to be the coordinator for the Maryland Chapter of the Tasha Tudor Museum Society.  The TTMS sent out notices for my first get-together--a Tasha Tudor Birthday Celebration--and five people accepted the invitation.  After a year we decided to strike out on our own as the Take Joy Society.  We lost a few but gained a few so there are still six of us getting together monthly when our daily lives allow.  Yesterday was one such get-together at one of the members' home.  We have grown a bond that could not happen if we only knew each other on-line.  I have purposely not shown their faces in this photo because the point is if you want to get to really get to know us, you must come in person.

This is how it is with God.  To really get to know God you must come to Him "in person."  You must present your whole self and interact with Him.  Praying is not being face-to-face with God if you are not also listening.

I am grateful for my face-to-face friendships.


  1. I wish I lived closer to you as I too would love to meet your friends & be a part of your group!